KRH Beret - King's Royal Hussars - Silk Lined



Our KRH officers approved (Ammo & Company) small crown berets are made from 100% wool, banded with soft black leather with drawstring and bow and comes with a mid-blue coloured silk lining. Ammo & Company Ltd are the leading manufacturer of military berets in the UK with the most comprehensive stocked range available.

All our berets come with the "Small Crown" design. The reduction in the material used on the crown means that you would be able to shape the beret to a much sharper shape.

- Small crown design
- Leather binding
- Cotton lining
- Two air vents
- Drawcord ties at rear
- Suitable for Officers and Enlisted ranks.
- Also worn by Royal Wessex Yeomanry 

To measure your head size, you will need a flexible measuring tape. Place the tape around your head with the tape just above the top of your ears, wrap the tape around head making sure the tape lies just above your occipital bone (the small bump in the middle of the back of the head), do not pull the tape too tightly. Repeat this two or three times to make sure the measurement is accurate.